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Sami’s Dream

Refugee boys with a heater given to them by Christians

Eight-year-old Sami is the youngest child in his Muslim family, and he is a refugee. Refugees are people who flee from one place to live in a safer place. Some countries set up camps where refugees can live until its safe for them to go back home, though it’s often not safe to return for years. Some refugees, like Sami, live in city apartments with other refugees.

The refugees are usually very poor. Sami’s dad left the family, and his mother is taking care of three kids alone. There was nowhere for her to work, and no school for Sami to attend.

Christians invited Sami and about 200 other Muslim children to a summer Bible camp. When he and his mother went to a church to register for the camp, a Christian family invited them to their house for a meal.

At their house, Sami began to have severe back pain, and he started to cry. His mother comforted him until he fell asleep in a guest bedroom. “May I pray for him?” one of the Christians asked. “Yes,” Sami’s mother answered. The Christian prayed as Sami slept.

When he woke up, he said to his mother, “I had a dream.” In his dream, a man in white came to him and touched his back. Sami didn’t know the man, and he woke up scared. But his pain was gone.

Later at Bible camp, Sami learned about Jesus. He realized that it was Jesus who had come to him in his dream. He stood up in front of the Muslim children in the camp and told them how Jesus had healed his back. “You need to believe in Him,” Sami told the Muslim children.

After the camp, Sami told his mother about his new understanding of Jesus. His mother noticed that his behavior had improved. She started going to church, and she felt welcomed by the friendly women in the congregation. Soon she, too, was a new believer in Jesus.

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

To Think About
*You can find a chart comparing Muslim and Christian beliefs here. Read the chart, then name three differences between Islam and biblical Christianity.
*Why would stories of Jesus be “good news” to Muslims?
*If you stood up in front of a group of kids, what would you tell them about what Jesus means to you?