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The Middle East: Unusual Dreams

Algerian children

A worker from Youth With a Mission recently spoke with Todd Nettleton of She told Todd about unusual dreams experienced by Middle Eastern Muslims. Read part of their conversation below. (Edited and paraphrased from the original interview for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

YWAM worker: It has been really interesting, because it is like God knows that for these difficult places we need a little extra help. When we are going in to an unreached people, it is not uncommon at all to see miracles and healings and things that are incomprehensible. It is like the Holy Spirit just intervenes and God helps us.

One of these things that I have mentioned is dreams. All over the world among Muslim people there is something happening where they are having unusual dreams from God. I totally believe they are from God.

This happened in a notable way among a people group in Algeria where on the same night, in the same village, a whole group of men had the same dream about Jesus Christ saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Me.” [John 3:16] It actually started one of the few movements [of Muslims to Christianity] that we know of in that part of the world. This is happening so commonly that if I am talking with a Muslim on a plane or something, or I meet with a Muslim person, I will often just ask, “Have you had any unusual dreams lately?” They might say, “You know, I haven’t told anybody this, but….” It is happening just that often.



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