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Remember Eritrean Children

Eritrean girls

This Christmas, dozens of children in Eritrea will celebrate Jesus’ birth without their parents.

The government of Eritrea allows only certain churches to have services in their country. In May of this year, 33 Christians were arrested on one day for worshiping in churches not approved by the government. Since then, many more have been arrested and placed in blazing hot prison camps in the desert.

Because of the harsh conditions, one of the Christians, Fikadu Debesay, a mother of three children, died in a prison camp. “Dozens of children have been left without one or both parents as a result of the arrests,” said a VOM source. “Pray that these children will know Jesus and be raised by Christians. Pray that they will not lose hope. Pray that Christians in the camp will hold fast to their faith and continue to be a light in the darkness.”



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