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More Witnessing in Dangerous Places

A pastor and his wife were the leaders of a church in a Muslim country. Many Christians in their country have to worship quietly in homes or other secret locations.

The pastor’s wife made a special commitment to God. She vowed to speak to someone about Jesus every day. Sometimes she forgot her commitment until just before midnight and had to get out of bed and go find someone to talk to!

One day, she and her husband were driving through an area where radical Muslims lived. The Muslims were known to become violent at times. The couple stopped to buy something to drink, and they saw a man watching them. The man had a beard like those worn by radical Muslims.

“I’ll give him a Bible!” the pastor’s wife said to her husband. “No,” her husband answered. “Can’t you see he’s a fanatic Muslim?”

They returned to their car and started to drive away. “On Judgment Day, I will say you wouldn’t let me give the man a Bible,” the pastor’s wife said. So the pastor turned the car around. “Okay, we’ll give him a Bible if he’s still there,” the pastor said, hoping the man had left.

But the man was still standing there, and still watching them. Fearfully, the pastor handed the man a Bible and began telling him about Jesus. And the man began to cry.

“Did I say something wrong?” the pastor asked.

“No,” the man answered. “Six months ago I heard about Jesus on TV. I’ve been looking for a Bible ever since. I believe God was telling me that today I would be given His Book by a man. When you stopped here the first time, I believe God was saying, ‘This is the man who will give you My Book.’ But you left, and I was so sad — I thought it might have been my imagination that God was speaking to me.”

To Talk About
Do you think the pastor and his wife should have given the man a Bible even though it might have been a risky think to do?


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