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Witnessing in Difficult Places

A Farsi Bible

Do you ever wonder how you can tell others about Jesus and His love for them? VOM workers learned about a woman who did not know how she could possibly serve the Lord and spread the gospel.

The woman was very old.
She could not read or write.
She could not drive herself to places to meet new people.
And she live in Iran, where most of the people are Muslims.

But God helped her find a way to share her faith.

She asked a friend to highlight parts of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) in the Bible. Then she took the Bible with her on a public bus. She knew that younger people in Iran respect older people. She said to a young woman on the bus, “My friend has given me this book. Will you please read it for me? As the younger woman began to read aloud, the older woman said, “I’m hard of hearing; can you please read louder?” The younger woman read louder, and everyone on the bus heard the Word of God.

When people on the bus showed interest in the verses from Matthew, the older woman gave them her phone number so she could talk to them more about Jesus later on the phone.

As the new year approaches, will you ask God to help you find ways to share His Word with others during the next year?



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