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10 Quotes from 2017

The following quotes were shared with workers from The Voice of the Martyrs during 2017. Most of the quotes were shared by Christians from countries where believers are persecuted.

1. The prayer of a Christian in Burma (Myanmar): “Give me the gift of martyrdom if I am counted worthy.”

2. A Christian in the Middle East was arrested and taken to the police, who beat him. He said to them, “I’m sorry you had to leave your wife and children to come on a weekend to beat me. God loves you.”

3. A former Muslim proclaimed his new faith in Christ on Facebook and received threats. He said, “It’s worth it.”

4. A Middle Eastern Christian said, “Jesus suffered not only on the cross but He suffers daily when His people suffer.”

5. A VOM worker said, “Faithfulness and obedience in ordinary things can allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

6. Helen Berhane, a persecuted Christian from Eritrea said, “The cure for the world is the gospel.”

7. Dr. Andrew, a Christian from the Middle East, said, “I am going to give a news flash to you: Muslims will not bite you when you talk with them. They are just normal people like us. The only difference is that we had the blessing of becoming Christians and to know Christ, and maybe they are on the way to get there. Don’t be afraid of them because, after all, they are just human like us.”

8. A Christian was asked why he has a program to feed starving people in a non-Christian country. He said, “If people are dead, you can’t evangelize them.”

9. A man who has talked to people in prison for spreading the gospel in Asia said, “I haven’t met one person in prison who has said, ‘I want to stop preaching Christ now.’”

10. A former Muslim from Iran said, “If we ask God what His plans are for the Middle East, He will not say, ‘I don’t know.’ We have to have His heart, know His plans, and we have to join Him. The people in Iran are rejecting Islam. They are open to anything else. Whoever gets there first will win their hearts.” [Islam is the religion of Muslims.]

(Source: VOM workers and contacts. Edited for length, clarity, reading level, and security.)

To Do
Choose five of the quotes above and say them in your own words. How many of the quotes do you agree with?


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