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Comparing Sikh and Christian Beliefs

Vaisakhi is a festival celebrated by followers of the Sikh religion. It is celebrated on April 14th in many locations.

Male Sikhs usually have “Singh” as part of their name, and females have Kaur in their names. Five symbols worn by Sikhs are long hair, a dagger or sword, short pants worn under outer clothing, a steel bracelet, and a wooden comb. Males often have long hair wrapped in a turban.

The chart below compares Sikh beliefs with biblical Christian beliefs.

Print out a Sikh coloring page to color.
Read more about Sikhs in Bold Believers in India in the Downloads section.

Founder Guru Nanak, a man born in the 15th century Jesus Christ
House of Worship Gurdwara Church
Holy book Guru Granth The Holy Bible
Symbol A Sikh man wears five symbols of his faith: long hair, short pants worn under other clothing, a steel bracelet, a small sword, and a comb. The cross is a Christian symbol. It symbolizes Christ’s death on the cross, a sacrifice for the sins of mankind.
Beliefs about God Sikhs believe in one god that is seen as more of a “force” than a person. They believe their god is not personal and does not love them. Sikhs believe that all religions really teach the same thing and that there are many ways of reaching their god. Christians believe in the God of the Bible. God is a loving heavenly Father, and humans can have a relationship with Him. Christians do not believe that all religions are means to reaching God (John 14:6). Christians believe that it is only through Jesus Christ that we can know God.