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Sudan: No Food for Christian Kids

South Sudanese children and their families have been driven from their homes by fighting in the region. As refugees, many live in camps in Sudan and Uganda.

In some camps, Muslims tell the Christian children that they must recite Muslim prayers in order to get food. (Read about differences between Islam and biblical Christianity here.)  A worker at the camp said, “They are given the choice to starve, or they are conditioned to say Islamic prayers before [being] given food.”

(Source: VOM Canada and other sources)

Please pray for Christian children in the refugee camps. Ask God to meet their daily needs and to keep them strong in their faith.


2 Responses to Sudan: No Food for Christian Kids

  1. What can we do?
    Those charged with food distribution​ in the refugee camps must not be allowed to force there Muslim prayers upon Christian children…
    To which body can we appeal to end this coercion immediately?


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