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Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

Richard Wurmbrand was in prison in Romania for his Christian activities. One day, the guards brought Richard and the other prisoners something they called soup. But it was more like pieces of rotten cabbage floating in scum. Richard drank it all. “How can you eat that horrible stuff?” another prisoner asked.

“It’s a Christian secret,” Richard replied to the man, who was not a Christian. “I think of the Apostle Paul’s words, ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice.’ There are people in America eating fried chicken tonight. I thank God with them as I take the first drink of soup. Then I rejoice with friends in England who are eating beef. I take another drink. I rejoice with those who rejoice. And I stay alive.”

Richard felt blessed to be able to share the words of the Bible with someone who was not a Christian.

To Talk About
Can you thank God for blessings He has given to others?




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