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IDOP: Pray for Children

Children of persecuted Christians have unique needs. Some need safe houses to live in while their parents evangelize in dangerous areas. They may be kicked out of school because of their parents’ faith. Often they lack Christian friends. They might not have Bibles to help them stay strong in their faith in places where most people do not know Jesus.

Persecuted Christians and their children all have one very important need that you can meet — they all need prayer. The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on November 5th is one way we remember and pray for persecuted Christians. Ask your parents, teachers, or pastor if they have plans to observe it.

8 Ways to Pray for the Children of Persecuted Christians

Pray That the Children Will Follow Jesus
Some children of Christian workers are not yet following God’s will for their lives. Pray that they will trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Pray for Peace
Children in persecuted families sometimes worry about their family’s safety. Ask God to give them peace. Pray that they will not have bad dreams.

Pray for Christian Friends
Pray that the children will have Christian friends to encourage them in staying strong in their faith.

Pray for Protection from Bullies
Some children in Christian families are the only Christian children in their school. Ask God to protect them from students and teachers who might want to bully them.

Pray for Christian Marriages
Christian youth in some countries don’t know any Christians their age. They wonder if they will ever meet someone they can marry. Pray they will wait on the Lord and not marry non-believers.

Pray for Girls
Girls are not as important as boys in some place where persecuted believers serve the Lord. Pray that they will know that Jesus loves them and values them as much as boys.

Pray for Courage
Ask God to help children of Christian workers get the courage to be bold witnesses for Christ.

Pray for Strength
Pray that their experiences of God will help them stand strong against superstitions and the worship of false gods that are part of the cultures where they live.



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  1. Hi! God Bless you. We would like the DVD’s in Spanish language example Sang-chul: North Korea DVD’s.

    • Thank you for your message. We do currently have some DVDs that include Spanish versions. The Torchlighters DVDs, available at and individually at, have English and Spanish tracks, as does the Share Their Voice DVD at vombooks. However, the Sang-Chul story is not yet included on the current Share Their Voice DVD.


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