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Comparing Muslim Beliefs and Practices

Prayer Muslims believe they should pray five times a day at certain times. They are taught what they should say and do during the five times. 41% of American Muslims say they pray all five prayers every day. (Source: Pew Research Center Study) 61% say they pray every day at least once. (70% of U.S. Christians say they pray every day.)
Mosque attendance Many Muslims believe they should go to a mosque to pray, especially men, and especially on Fridays. 40% of American Muslims attend a mosque at least once a week. (45% of U.S. Christians attend church.) (Source: Pew Research Study)
Ramadan Muslims believe they should fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, a month on the Muslim calendar. A Christian missionary estimated that half of Muslim adults fast throughout Ramadan. (Source: Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions by Phil Parshall)
Coverings for women Many Muslims believe that the Muslim holy book, the Quran, commands women to cover their heads in public (Quran 33:59). It is estimated that about 10% of Muslim women in America cover their heads. (Source: Asma Gull Hassan on the Beliefnet Web site)
The Quran 86% of American Muslims believe that the Quran is the word of Allah, whom they worship. (78% of U.S. Christians believe the Bible is the Word of God.) 50% of U.S. Muslims believe the Quran should be taken literally, word for word. (40% of American Christians believe the Bible is literally the truth, word for word.) (Source: Pew Research Study)