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“I Like to Go to Prison”

Daniel is an evangelist in a Muslim country. An evangelist is someone who spreads the gospel of Jesus. (The photo shows an evangelist in a country where Christians are persecuted. His face is covered to protect his identity.) But sharing the gospel is risky in Daniel’s country. So he has been in prison several times for his “crime” of leading Muslims to Christ.

Daniel had some surprising things to say about his time in prison.

• Daniel said, “When people tell me, ‘I’m lonely,’ I say, ‘Get yourself thrown in prison for Jesus! People all over the world will pray for you, and God answers prayer!’”

• Daniel said, “Prison is evangelism heaven! I met an atheist in prison, and I told him, ‘God sent me here to talk to you.’ He listened!

“I also met a man who had sinned many times. I told him a story about how Jesus forgives sinners. He said, ‘I like this Jesus!’

“Now do you see why I like going to prison?”

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

To Think About
*Why does Daniel like going to prison?
*Why did Daniel call prison “evangelism heaven?”
*Why do you think some people might be more likely to listen to someone talk about Jesus when they are in prison than when they are out of prison?