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Vietnam: Woman Fights Police for her Bible

In the previous post, Bible smuggler Patrick Klein shared about how God leads him when he is taking Bibles into countries where they may not be welcome. In the interview below, Patrick tells VOMRadio’s Todd Nettleton a true story that illustrates how precious the word of God is to people in the countries where he delivers Bibles.

Todd’s introduction: How precious is your Bible to you? A woman in Vietnam was willing to risk her life to own a Bible. Patrick Klein tells the story about an illegal church meeting in Vietnam. The communist authorities raided the meeting and began to confiscate all the Bibles.

Patrick: They came to the pastor’s wife and they tried to take her Bible out of her hand. She loved the Word of God and she was not giving it up. They were trying to pull it out of her hands. Here was this little tribal woman fighting with the police. Now in a communist country you don’t fight with the police.

Todd: That’s a straight way to jail.

Patrick: Or worse. But she treasured the Word of God and she was not going to give it up. So she kept fighting with them over it. She said her arms were sore for a few days after that, but it is just amazing she was fighting for the Word of God. I thought, “What would we do in America if we were told to turn in our Bibles?”

Todd: So what happened? I can picture in my mind her playing tug of war with the Bible with the policeman. What is the end of the story?

Patrick: She kept fighting with them and eventually they let her keep her Bible.

Todd: Wow!

Patrick: You know, even the men who were there said, “She is a hero of the faith.” Her own personal safety, her freedom, could have been lost, and yet she loved the Word of God that much. I thought, “Lord that challenges me.”

(Source: Edited for length and clarity.)