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Leaving Everything Behind: Mary

Iraqi refugee child

“My life in Iraq was beautiful,” said 8-year-old Mary. “I went to school and had friends and could play anytime. I lived in Mosul with my mom and dad and sister.”

Mary’s family is Christian. Things changed for them when ISIS, a radical Muslim group, began attacking their city. “Mosul was full of ISIS,” Mary said. “The war started and they damaged all of Iraq.

“I felt sad and worried and afraid for my dad. I was shouting all the time for my dad not to leave the house for work. He worked doing something with electricity.

“We were there with ISIS a very long time. No more school. No more playing with friends. Sometimes I wet my bed at night because I was so afraid.”

Mary’s family escaped to Jordan where they were safer. “My life is nice now,” Mary said in Jordan. Here we are strong. We are not afraid, and I sleep well.

“I spend all my time here at school with friends. My sister also comes to the school. I like school the best. I can do all my homework at home. I like to sing and dance all the time in my home.”

The Voice of the Martyrs helps Christian families like Mary’s in Jordan. Watch a video clip about Iraqi refugees here and here .



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