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Leaving Everything Behind: Too Much TV

Iraqi refugee child

Nine-year-old David, his brother, and six other relatives live together in a house in Jordan. They lack money, medicine, and daily provisions. “Their situation is very hard,” said a Christian worker in the area.

But when David’s mother talked about David and his brother, she said, “They used to be very sad and afraid. Now they are happy. Here there is peace. We are happy and the children are happy.”

The family is happy, even when they have nothing, because they escaped Muslim ISIS fighters in Iraq. They are grateful that God protected them and kept them safe.

ISIS had damaged David’s school in Iraq. He had nothing to do except watch TV. Now David goes to a Christian school that The Voice of the Martyrs helps to support. “I like to come to school and learn and play,” he said. “I hate watching TV because in Iraq and when we first came to Jordan, that was all I could do. Now I like to play with toys and a train.”

The Apostle Paul said he suffered from imprisonments, beatings, shipwreck, stoning, bandits, tiredness, hunger, thirst, cold, and dangers. (See 2 Corinthians 11.) Christians in many places around the world suffer from the same problems today. Another problem some persecuted Christians face is having almost nothing to do for a long time.

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