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Sunday School Around the World: Tanzania


Tanzania is on the coast of East Africa. Radical Islam is spreading from northern Africa into Tanzania. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) On the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar where most of the people are Muslims, Christians have faced persecution for a long time. People who leave Islam to follow Jesus sometimes have to flee their homes when family members kick them out.

But in recent times, Christians on the mainland of Tanzania have started having the same kinds of problems. Riots have broken out in some places, and churches have been burned.


Fact: Click Languages
Hadza and Sandawe are two of the many click languages of Africa. The languages use click sounds as consonants. Click noises can sound like the “tsk tsk” used by English to say, “What a shame,” or “I don’t approve of that.” Other click noises are like the clip clop sound made to sound like a horse trotting. Fewer and fewer people in Africa are speaking click languages, and some of the languages are already extinct.

The Bible has not yet been translated into the languages of some Tanzanian tribes. The Tanzanian Sunday school children in the photo are looking at a children’s Bible in their language provided by The Voice of the Martyrs.



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