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Sunday School Around the World: The Hmong


The Hmong are a group of people from Southeast Asia. Large numbers of Hmong live in Laos, Vietnam, China, and Thailand, and some live in Burma (Myanmar).

Religion: Many Hmong practice animism, which is the belief that bad luck comes to those who do not honor and please numerous spirits that are everywhere. But many Hmong in Asia are becoming Christians!

Persecution: Sometimes the authorities in countries where Hmong live allow them to worship God, but sometimes the authorities try to stamp out Christianity. Hmong Christians have been attacked, arrested, and imprisoned for their faith. Their houses have been burned down, and they have been kicked out of their villages for refusing to deny Christ. New Christians have
been fired from their jobs. Non-Christian neighbors and relatives of Hmong Christians often persecute them, too.

The Hmong children in the photo are learning more about Jesus in their Sunday school class.

Read about some Hmong Christians families who were kicked out of their village here.

Learn more about Hmong Christians in Bold Believers of the Hmong People, available free in the Downloads section.



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