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The Cranky Neighbor and the Chief of Police

In some countries where followers of Jesus are persecuted, Christians often worship in house churches. They gather to pray, sing, and learn in the home of a member or a pastor instead of in a church building.

Neighbors who are not Christians sometimes try to give house-church Christians a hard time. They may interrupt or disturb their worship services. In one town in a country where The Voice of the Martyrs works, a neighbor complained to the police that the house-church Christians were singing too loud.

The chief of police called the pastor of the house church and told him to come to the police station for questioning. “We have had a complaint that your meetings are too loud,” the officer told the pastor at the station.

“Maybe the complaint is not true,” the pastor said. “Why don’t you visit us and find out?”

The policeman agreed, and he came to a house church service. He heard the singing and praying, and he listened to the teaching. And he became a Christian, too!

The chief of police was so happy to be a follower of Jesus that he wanted to share his faith with others. So he went to the pastor’s neighbor’s house and invited him to church. The neighbor visited the house church, decided to follow Jesus, and repented before the church for his complaints to the police.

(Source: Vision Beyond Borders)

To Talk About
What do you think of the pastor’s decision to invite the chief of police to church? What if the chief had been angry instead of visiting the church? He could have caused many problems for the Christians. Should the pastor have risked his safety to witness to him?


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