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Hard to Find Someone to Marry

Central Asian girl

The previous post told about Brother Jay, a VOM worker who visited Christians in Central Asia. Read below more about what Brother Jay learned on his trip.

“There is no real social media where you can go and click on ‘Central Asian Christians on Facebook,’” said Brother Jay.

It’s often hard for Christians in those countries to meet other Christians. In some places, there aren’t even any churches.

“If you are the only believer in your village, and you are young and single, your chance of finding a believer to marry is almost zero,” said another VOM worker.

Brother Jay explained further, “Imagine that in your village you have been pledged to marry a distant relative. Then you grow up, and you have become a Christian, and you have met someone who is also a believer. But you are already pledged [by your family] to marry a Muslim. You really have no choice in the matter.”

Sometimes a Christian later brings their Muslim husband or wife to Christ, but not always.

Please pray for young Christians in Muslim countries who are looking for someone to marry.

(Comments edited and paraphrased from the original for clarity, length, and age level.)


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