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Church in a Car

A church van

Brother Jay, a VOM International Ministries worker, took a trip for The Voice of the Martyrs to Central Asia. Todd Nettleton of interviewed Brother Jay after his trip. Read part of their interview below.

Jay: Thankfully there are Muslims coming to Christ every day. Most of them gather in small groups in houses.

Todd: When you talk about “small groups,” we are talking about two or three people. In some cases, that is all there are.  And in some cases, that is all that it’s safe to gather.

Jay: Exactly. You might find a couple of men sitting in a park and have no idea what they are doing. But they are there fellowshiping in the name of the Lord.

They might be in a car. You could be in Kabul [the capital of Afghanistan], for example, where there are thousands of vehicles. And you don’t know it, but two or three men in one car — they actually love Jesus. And they are fellowshipping with one another in His name.

They may have a little device in their radio so they can listen to Scripture, sing some songs about the Lord, and encourage one another. It is like a little mobile church.



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