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Ten Ways to Present Persecution to the Next Generation

“Discipleship of one’s household isn’t only for Christians in persecuted and restricted nations. It isn’t only for pastors, youth pastors, and elders…it’s for the whole body of Christ.” — Pastor Eric Foley, VOM Korea

“Let us then as Christians prepare ourselves now and be sure that our children have a clear example before them if their turn comes.” — Foreword to Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s Preparing for the Underground Church

The following are some ways to present information about Christian persecution to children:

1. Be a volunteer reader at a Christian school. Would the children like to hear about St. Nicholas, St. Valentine, and St. Patrick? Their stories provide examples of Christians whose faith remained strong when they faced obstacles.
2. Talk to children on their level. Adults can convey the struggles endured by persecuted Christians without including graphic descriptions or age-inappropriate concepts. For example, a VOM worker shared with her 3-year-old son that everything had been taken from some Christians in Iraq, even their toys. Her explanation brought the situation to her son’s level.
3. Lead or sponsor a persecution-related VBS. Add stories of persecuted Christians to the lessons, or donate a VOM Kids of Courage VBS curriculum to a church.
4. Write a song. Few Christian children’s songs address the joys of being “more than conquerors.” Share your song with a children’s group.
5. Show or donate Torchlighters DVDs to a group.
6. Invite a missionary or a Christian from a restricted country to visit your family or church and share stories of their lives. Read missionary stories or share missionary biographies with children. Pray with children for missionaries. Suggest missionary stories for book report assignments.
7. Help a teacher. Offer to substitute for a Sunday school teacher or other children’s group leader. Enter “Lesson Plan” in the search box of this site for suggestions of what to present.
8. Donate age-appropriate persecution-related material to a dentist, doctor, mechanic, or hair salon for their waiting room. Public libraries and church libraries may also accept donated materials.
9. Help a class put on a program. Offer to direct a skit and/or program about persecuted Christians with a class, homeschool group, Christian scouting group, or other after school group. Invite others in the community.
10. Explore the archives of this site. Find further information and activities to share with children. Encourage children to get involved in serving, raising awareness about, and praying for persecuted Christians.


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