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National Geographic Bee Question and Action Bibles for India

One of the final seven questions in the 2015 National Geographic Bee was: “In 2014, the government of India established a new state out of the northwestern part of Andhra Pradesh. Name the new state.” The boy who correctly answered that question and six other questions won a $50,000 scholarship.

Andhra Pradesh is a state in India. It was larger than England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland combined. More people lived in Andhra Pradesh than in France or Spain.

A new state, Telangana, split off from Andhra Pradesh in 2014. The main language of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is Telugu. The majority of the people are Hindus.

In 2014, a Telugu-speaking pastor was attacked in Andhra Pradesh by radical Hindus who had warned him to stop telling people about Jesus and holding prayer meetings. The violence against Christians is still going on.

In spite of the dangers, Telugu-speaking Christians in India are asking that The Voice of the Martyrs provide them with Christian books and Bibles. As The Voice of the Martyrs founder, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, said, churches in hostile areas are sending us the following message: “Give us the tools we need; we will pay the price for using them.”

VOM is working on a Telugu translation of the Action Bible for children and adults in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Pray for the Christians who will distribute Bibles for VOM and for the children and adults who will read them.

Now you can answer the National Geographic Bee question above!

For more information about Christians in India, download Bold Believers in India from the Downloads section.



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