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Easter Message from Sri Lanka

“Without Good Friday, there is no Easter,” — Reverend Godfrey Yogarajah, a Christian minister in Sri Lanka

Reverend Yogarajah shared the following thoughts on (Edited for length, clarity, and age appropriateness.)

“In Sri Lanka, persecution is on the increase. Churches are demolished. Sometimes Christian funerals are prevented.  They showed a live telecast of people attacking a church, but no one was punished.

“But the church has been growing.

“We don’t ask for persecution. But when it comes, we are able to go through it. We understand that it is part of God’s purpose. We know we need to be the light that keeps society ready for the return of Christ.

“When the church is prepared to face persecution, the church grows, and there will be triumph and victory, just like on Easter.”

To Talk About
1.    “In Iran, Christians role play what might happen when the police come to question them about their Christian activities. One person plays the Christian, and another plays the policeman. This prepares them to act in a Christ-like way — even to persecutors.” — VOM worker

Can you role play, acting in a Christ-like way to someone who is being rude to you?

2.    How can a Christian be a light to those around them?

Learn more about Christians in Sri Lanka in Bold Believers in Sri Lanka, available in the free Downloads section.


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