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Sudan: Hiding in Foxholes

The government of Sudan often drops bombs on the Nuba Mountain region of their country. “When we were there, 40 artillery shells landed close enough for us to hear them,” said a VOM worker who visited Christians in the area.

Sometimes the bombs hit churches. In one church that was destroyed, the explosion damaged the pulpit. The congregation fled to the mountains. They took the pulpit with them to remind them that Christ’s church can never be destroyed. Learn more about the “shrapnel pulpit” here.

Hospitals and schools are also attacked. In this video, a hospital worker describes patients scrambling for their safety into foxholes surrounding the hospital. You can see children running for foxholes and hear the sound of a bomber overhead.

Bombing continues in the Nuba Mountains. VOM helps and encourages the Christians who live there. Please ask God to protect those hiding from the bombs.



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