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Ask a VOM Worker: The Church in America

Question: What do you think about the church in America today?

VOM Worker: I’m excited about what is happening in the church in America right now.

The whole time that I have been alive, the church has been like the world in many ways. If the world has movies, we have Christian movies. If the world has rock music, we have rock music. If the world has yoga, we have Christian yoga, or whatever the latest thing is. The church is just another option, just a cleaner option of the world.

There is a big change coming to America, and Christianity is no longer just, “We are nicer than they are.” There is going to be a big difference between the church and we can proclaim it with boldness.

The church is becoming different from the world. God is spreading the Word, and the gospel is expanding through persecution. The places in the world where the church is growing fastest are the places where there is some of the worst persecution.

So if persecution comes to America, praise the King! Because that means the church is going to grow, right?

How do we get involved? We make prayer a priority. We become people of prayer. And we decide now to take our stand on the gospel, no matter what the world says to us.

(Source: Edited from the original for clarity and length.)

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