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God is My Hero


The story below is from Stef the children’s website of SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands.

In a beautiful country far away, there lives an 8-year-old boy we are calling Adan. We’ll call his younger brothers Sang and Puran. We have made up names for them to keep them safe. Read how Adan tells his story below.

Talking About God
My mom and dad love God. My dad tells people about Him. Other people like what he tells them, and they decide to follow Jesus. Then they want to learn more about Jesus. So my father goes to them and teaches them things from the Bible.

There are very few Christians in our country, so perhaps people think we are a bit strange — or dangerous. I know that people don’t want us to talk about God to people on the street or at school.

One evening my father packed his bag and got ready to take a trip. I heard him tell my mother that he was concerned. “Something doesn’t feel right,” he said. “But whatever happens, God is there. I’m not afraid because He is with me.”

Every day after school, I asked my mother, “Is Dad home yet?” When he didn’t come back after a few weeks, I understood what had really happened. The police had arrested him and put him in prison!

The kids at school knew he was in prison. They teased me terribly, and it was super bad. I sent my father a letter begging him to come home.

Finally we were able to visit my dad in prison. He did not look well. I went back home sad.

“Dad finds it difficult to be in prison,” my mother said to me. “But he tells God about his sadness. And he tells the guards that he is a Christian, and that he loves his country, but that most of all he loves his King, Jesus. That’s why he tells people about Jesus. God has promised him in a dream that he will take care of you, Sang, and Puran.

“When children bully you at school, know that the Lord Jesus is near,” my mother continued. “It’s not easy, but Jesus has overcome all evil.”

My father stayed in prison for four years. One night, he had a wonderful dream. He saw a great light, and an angel opened the door to his cell.

On the day of his dream, he was allowed to go home! We are blessed that he is back with us.
I think my father is my hero, but he says he was often sad and scared in jail. “God is the hero of my story!” says my father.

If he is saying this, it must be true. Do you agree?


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