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Christian Prisoner Released!

Join us in praising the Lord: VOM Regional Director for Africa, Petr Jasek, has been released after 445 days in prison in Sudan.  Thank you to all who prayed for Mr. Jasek and his family during his long imprisonment.

Mr. Jasek, who has much experience and training in hospital administration, has assisted VOM in delivering aid to displaced and suffering Christians in Sudan and Nigeria. While his work has always been humanitarian in nature, the Sudanese government has sought to characterize him as a “filmmaker” who was conspiring against the Sudanese state.

Mr. Jasek was arrested in December 2015 and held for eight months before charges were filed in August 2016. After a lengthy trial, Mr. Jasek was given a long prison sentence. Two men charged with him, Hassan Abduraheem and Abdulmonem Abdumawla, both Sudanese, were sentenced to 12 years each. The main charge against them was “aiding and abetting” Petr’s alleged “spying.” Please continue to pray for the two Sudanese men, one of whom is a pastor, who are still being held.