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John and Betty Stam

“Dory” is a VOM worker who visits China to encourage Christians. Dory is related to John and Betty Stam. The story below and the video tell about the Stams and what Dory found out about them. Please preview the video before showing it to children.

John and Betty Stam knew that China could be a dangerous place for missionaries in the 1930s. Chinese communist soldiers were attacking Christians. But John believed that God was calling the couple to share the gospel in the land where “a million [people] a month pass into Christless graves.”

In 1934, a month after John and Betty arrived at a new mission station in China with their baby, Helen Priscilla, communists came to kidnap them. Betty served tea to her kidnappers before she and her family were taken away.

The kidnappers told John to mail a ransom letter from a post office. The postmaster asked John, “Where are you going?”

“We don’t know where they’re going,” John said of the kidnappers. “But we are going to heaven.” He was right, for soon the kidnappers killed him and Betty. Their baby was rescued and brought up by relatives in the United States. Many young people who heard the Stams’ story gave their lives to God’s service as missionaries.

(Sources include By Their Blood, by James and Marti Hefley)