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Kids and Grandpas Smuggling Bibles

Photo: Christians in Iran are so hungry for God’s Word that some are willing to copy the Scriptures by hand if they can’t get a Bible. Copy Hebrews 13:3 from a Bible by hand. How hard would it be to copy the whole book of Hebrews, or the whole Bible?

The previous post told a story about Patrick K., who is a Bible smuggler. The Voice of the Martyrs provides Patrick’s ministry with Bibles to take into countries where it can be hard to get Bibles. Patrick recently talked with VOM’s Todd Nettleton at Read more of Patrick’s interview with Todd below.

Todd: What is the age range you have taken people overseas [to smuggle Bibles]?

Patrick: Actually I have taken them down to about 8 years old. But they have to have a parent with them. At 18, it is legal for them to go with us into a closed country [without a parent].

Todd: What is the oldest they can be?

Patrick: We actually had a man who was 73. He was 67 the first time he went. He was going to go home and start lifting weights so he could pick up the 70-pound bags [of Bibles] easier. He brought some of his grandsons on two trips.

Todd: That’s a wonderful idea.

Patrick: He had a wonderful time with his grandsons. One of his grandsons was reading the New Testament. He said, “I have never read the whole New Testament from cover to cover. I told God I would do this on this trip.”

Every night he was lying on his top bunk reading the New Testament. He got a lot of time with his grandpa, and his grandpa imparted wisdom to him. I believe God really used that.

I have heard stories of other grandpas who have spent time with their grandsons, and it changed the whole course of their life.

(Source: Edited from the original for length and clarity.)


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