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On the Run

Rachel and Miriam and their parents

The story below is from Stef  the children’s website of SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands.

Rachel and Miriam live in a refugee camp. They used to live in Mosul, a city in Iraq. They enjoyed living there until men from a group called ISIS took power. These men want everyone to be Muslim.

ISIS attacks Christians and churches, including the church that Rachel and Miriam attended. Their mother, Sarah, was present in the church at the moment of the attack. The men started shooting and a lot of people died. Others were injured.

Rachel and Miriam’s mom survived the attack, but it was no longer safe to stay in Mosul. The girls and their parents had to flee. They packed what they could and left in a hurry. They moved to a school auditorium in a safer city with 74 other people.

Sarah struggles a lot with the situation. She says, “Every night I cry myself to sleep. I have a lot of dreams about what happened. I just can’t forget.”

In their corner of the auditorium, Rachel and Miriam’s parents made a paper cross and put it on the wall. They continue to trust God.

Pray for Rachel and Miriam and their parents, and for other Christians who have to flee danger.

(Source: Stef. Translated and edited from the original.)


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