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Learning About Jesus
Like many people in North Korea, Julie and her parents were often hungry. They moved from place to place searching for food.

Sometimes Julie’s parents traveled to China to look for ways to make money or to get food. During one of these trips, Julie’s mother learned about Jesus! And her father gave his life to Jesus a year later while he was in China. When he got back home, the family began to worship God secretly. They prayed before going to bed at night and when they got up at dawn.

Soon, Julie’s parents decided to send her to China to learn more about the Bible from Chinese Christians. While there, Julie gave her life to Christ.

A Hard Time in Prison
Julie returned to North Korea with a Bible and Christian books in her suitcase. Her parents waited for her beside the river that runs between China and North Korea. But as they traveled to their home, the police stopped them. It is illegal to own a Bible in North Korea, so Julie and her parents were taken to jail.

The prison guards questioned them and treated them roughly. They pulled out Julie’s hair, and she was very sad about that. But God was with her. He even helped her pray. Julie prayed, “God, thank you. Thank you for giving me salvation.” She was amazed that she could thank God in such terrible conditions.

Sometimes North Koreans are sent to prison camps for the rest of their lives if they are caught with a Bible. But even Julie’s prison guards were hungry. Julie’s parents arranged to sell their house, and they gave the money to the guards. So Julie was allowed to leave the prison, and her parents’ time in prison was shortened.

Back to China
Julie and her two younger siblings tried to cross the river into China at 3 a.m. one winter morning. They held onto the inner tube from a tire to float to the other side. “The water was so freezing cold it felt like knives,” said Julie. “We experienced near-death.”

After they arrived in China, Julie and her siblings found their way to a shelter for people from North Korea. Christians helped them and gave them food.

“In South Korea, people can go to church whenever they want,” said Julie. “In North Korea, I can’t go to church even if I want to. North Koreans can go to jail even for just saying the word ‘prayer.’ I keep asking myself, ‘Why can’t we believe in God freely in North Korea?’

“My family lost everything and we don’t even have a home in North Korea,” Julie continued. “The only thing I have is Jesus. While I am sad that I lost everything, I also have a grateful heart. My vision is to do God’s work. I want to share the gospel.”

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