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Hats Off to You, Part 2


The previous post told about the kidnapping of a boy in the Netherlands (Holland). Read the rest of the story below.

I asked the men, “What are you doing this?”

Suddenly it was very bright all around me.

“Wake up! You’re having a nightmare!” My mom had turned on the light. I jumped up from the bed.

“It was so real!” I told my mom. She was wondering if I had read something scary.

Then I knew. The van came out of the exciting book series I was reading. The shooting came out of the story of David’s dad.

After my dream, I thought I would not dare to say I was a Christian like David’s dad had done. I told my mom what I was thinking, and she said, “You can’t know what you’ll do when the time comes. What we do know is that at that moment the Holy Spirit will give you the right words if you just trust Him. Shall we pray for that right now?”

Ever since then, I’ve thought a lot about David’s dad and other persecuted Christians.

I take my hat off to them.

(Source: SDOK. Translated and edited.)

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