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Christians Attacked in Libya

Boys playing on a tank in Libya

Some Christian men from poor families in Egypt went to Libya to find jobs. (Libya is next to Egypt in Africa.) The men sent money they earned from their jobs back to their families in Egypt.

Ezzat Bishri Naseef, one of the men, was told by his Muslim boss, “You’re so clever. You’re a waste to Christianity. You should convert to Islam. I promise you prosperity and ownership of land.”

The offer for land of his own must have been tempting to Ezzat. But he refused to deny Jesus. He told his boss, “I would never give up my Lord even if I were killed by the sword.”

Months later, Muslim ISIS terrorists attacked a group of the Egyptian workers. Ezzat and 20 other Christians stood firm in their faith, and they lost their lives in the attack. Weeks later, some of their children still did not know about what happened to their fathers. Their mothers did not know how to tell them.

Even though the families of the men are very sad, they want to forgive the ISIS attackers. “[I would tell them] from all my heart, ‘May God forgive you and removed the scales off of your eyes and place you on the right path, the path of light,’” said the mother of one of the men. “Our Christ taught us love and peace and forgiveness. He didn’t teach us to take revenge. He didn’t teach us to curse if we’re cursed or kill if we’re killed.”

To Talk About

  • What did the mother say that Christ teaches his followers?
  • What did she say that Christ does not teach?
  • What did she mean when she said that she wanted God to “remove the scales” from the attackers’ eyes? (See Acts 9:1–18.)

Pray for the families of the Christian men. Ask God to comfort their parents, wives, and children.

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