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Tired Furniture and Trouble at School


Meti is a 12-year-old Christian boy in Egypt. At his school, the teachers teach the students about Islam, the religion of Muslims. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is the son of God or that God sent him to save the world from sin.

At home, Meti’s parents tell him the truth about Jesus and help him grow in his Christian faith. “We feel he might get confused because he hears one thing at school and something different at home,” said Hoda, Meti’s mother.

Sometimes Meti talks about his faith at school. One day the school principal called Meti’s father, Nassir, and asked him to come to the school. “Your son is a troublemaker,” the principal said to Nassir. “He is upsetting the teachers, and we have to kick him out of school.” The same thing happened at Meti’s next school.

Tired People, Tired Furniture
It’s not easy for Meti to make friends when he moves from school to school. He cannot easily make neighborhood friends either. His family has moved 13 times. “It’s very tiring to move things from place to place,” Hoda said. “But it doesn’t bother me because I am doing it for Christ.”

Hoda and Nassir used to be Muslims, but they decided to follow Christ even before they met and married. Muslims who become Christians are often treated badly by Muslims in Egypt. Sometimes the police even put them in jail. When Meti’s family finds a home to rent, the owner of the home may kick them out if he learns they are Christians.

Every time they move, they take apart their furniture and put it back together in their next home. After their last move, the furniture was so worn out from all the moves that it would not go back together. “Even the furniture got tired,” Hoda said. “But my main concern was Meti. He gets attached to the places we live. When we tell him we have to move, he starts to cry.”

Preparing for the Future
Meti now has some Muslim friends. He and Nassir have a plan. Together they will pray for two of Meti’s friends for three years. During that time, Meti will also learn more about his own faith. After that, Meti will share the good news of Jesus with his friends.

Nassir is also preparing Meti to handle more family responsibilities. Nassir tells him, “If they put me in prison, you have to be a man and take care of your mom. You take over. We are the Lord’s children and he will take care of you.”

Nassir hopes that Christians Meti’s age will bring more Egyptians to Christ. “We feel that this is the generation that will change the atmosphere around us,” Nassir said.



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