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A New Christian in Montenegro


Friends of The Voice of the Martyrs recently took Bibles, children’s Bibles, and other Christian materials to places in southeastern Europe. The girls in the photo have new children’s Bibles in Serbian.

On their trip, the Christians took Bibles to Montenegro, a country near Serbia and Albania. Montenegro is a small country; 161 countries in the world are larger than Montenegro.

One of the Christian workers had been to Montenegro 40 years ago. During that visit long ago, he had shared the Word of God with a man he met. On this visit, he saw the man again. The man was not a Christian, even though the worker had talked to him about Jesus many years before.

But the man’s heart was now open to God. The worker prayed with him, and the man became a follower of Christ!

To Talk About

  • If you told someone about Jesus and they refused to become His follower, would you be discouraged? How can the story of the worker in Montenegro encourage you?
  • Some say that most unbelievers have to hear the gospel several times before they become Christians. Are you willing to be one of the people who shares the gospel with others even if there are no instant results?


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