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A Muslim Chooses a Bible

U.S. family packing Action Packs for Christians overseas

Hagar is a 25-year-old Muslim. She and her four children lived in an area where war put them in danger. They ran away from the fighting and ended up in a refugee camp. The fighting separated Hagar from her husband, and she doesn’t know where he is.

People in the camp often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few household goods. The Voice of the Martyrs provides Action Packs to Christians and other refugees in Hagar’s camp. The packs contain items like soap, clothes, blankets, and other things the refugees need. VOM also provides Bibles for these refugees.

But one day, there were not enough Bibles and Actions Packs left. The Christian worker asked Hagar, “Would you like a Bible or an Action Pack?”

The Action Pack would have been useful to Hagar and her family. But Hagar chose a Bible. She said she had a strong urge to read the Bible and that she knows she needs to choose between the Bible and the Quran. (The Quran is the Muslim holy book.) A Christian worker helped put Hagar in touch with another Christian who can explain more about the Bible to her.

Please pray that Hagar will find the truth she seeks. Pray that they will know what has happened to Hagar’s husband, and that if he is alive, he will trust Jesus as his Savior.

Learn more about Action Packs here.



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