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The Witch Doctor’s Neighbors

Ethiopian Girl

The Christians in an Ethiopian village wanted to have a building where they could meet together. They found some empty land and began to build a small church.

But, as it turned out, they had a very unfriendly neighbor. The man who lived next to the church was a witch doctor. People came from all over Ethiopia to ask the witch doctor for help with their problems. He became rich and famous.

The witch doctor did not like Christians. He cast spells on the Christians and their land as they were building the church.

The Bible warns us to stay away from witchcraft. (Look up Deuteronomy 18:10–11.)

Christian workers in Ethiopia know how much trouble witch doctors cause. But they know Jesus is stronger than the power of the witch doctors. Here is what one worker said:

“Usually the job of witch doctor is passed down to someone in the witch doctor’s family. They chant, sacrifice animals, use potions, etc. Scripture says we’re not to have anything to do with witchcraft. It’s very harmful. People are drawn to it because they are curious about the unseen world. They want witchcraft to give them assurance, protection, and power that is superhuman.

“The final result of someone being locked in witchcraft is that they are constantly afraid of things they can’t see. When missionaries come to places bound up in witchcraft, they teach that Jesus is stronger than all the unseen spirits. Then the people can finally have peace.

“As Christians, we have nothing to fear from the unseen spirit world. Jesus lives in us and gives us victory. But as Christians, we must obey the Scriptures and not become involved in witchcraft.”

The Witch Doctor Escapes — Or Not
The witch doctor’s spells did not stop the Christians from building the church. Finally, he gave up and moved away. He continued his witchcraft “business” at a different place.

The Christians in another Ethiopian village wanted a building of their own to meet in. They found some land and began to prepare to build a church.

People at the building site noticed a nice hut on the land behind the property. Who do you think the hut belonged to? The witch doctor! Now another church is making plans to be his neighbor.

For many years the Christians in his old village had been praying for the witch doctor’s salvation. Now more Christians would be praying for him. They continued to hope that light would enter the witch doctor’s dark hut.

True Freedom
Ethiopia observes Patriot’s Victory Day on May 5. On that day, the people celebrate the country’s freedom from Italy, the country that ruled Ethiopia until 1941.

Pray that Ethiopians will trust Jesus who offers true freedom for eternity.

Learn more about Christians in Ethiopia from Bold Believers in Ethiopia, available in the Downloads section.


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  1. Mehretab Tesfaye | April 14, 2016 at 6:54 AM | Reply

    Don’t have much to say but you need some correction on my country Ethiopia were not colonized We are the true image of Africa we are the pride of Africa we were not slaves or servants,may be if you are talking about Eritrean you are right.


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