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Bold Believers with Bibles in Syria

Syrian boy praying

Dr. Easo and his wife, Rachel, are Christians in Syria. They share the gospel in their country, even though a civil war makes travel and witnessing for Christ difficult. In addition, most Syrians are Muslims, and some of them are not friendly to Christians.

One day, the Easos went to a rural village to share the love of God with the villagers. On the way, government soldiers stopped their car at a checkpoint. A checkpoint is a barrier where drivers must stop to get their cars checked. The soldiers look for bombs or other dangerous materials that travelers might be carrying.

A guard searched the Easo’s bag and found a big stack of Bibles. “Why do you have so many Bibles in your bag?” the guard asked. “Are you a priest?”

“I am only a doctor,” Dr. Easo answered. “But this book has changed my life. I can give you a Bible. Please try to read Matthew 5, 6, and 7.”

The doctor noticed another soldier watching nearby. So he asked the man if he wanted a Bible, too. The soldier said no. Easo and Rachel passed through the checkpoint.

Another Stop
Later that day, the Easos drove through the checkpoint again. After they passed through and started to drive away, they heard a guard shout, “Hey, come back here!” The guard was the one who had refused a Bible earlier in the day.

The doctor was scared. “If I don’t answer him, he might shoot us,” he said to Rachel. “But if we go back, there could be problems.” The Easos knew that Christians in Syria have been threatened and kidnapped.

But Rachel said, “Let’s go back.”

When they returned to the checkpoint, the guard asked them, “Do you have another Bible for us? I need it to be the same one you gave my friend before.”

Dr. Easo was happy to give the guard a Bible. He and Rachel smiled and waved to the guards as they drove away. They were thankful that God was working through them to tell others about Jesus.



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