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Pakistan: Punished for Following Jesus


In many public schools in Pakistan, most of the students are Muslim. Christians in these schools are often forced to eat at separate tables. At one school, a Muslim teacher forced a Christian girl to stand in the hot sun until she fainted. The girl was being punished for wearing a cross necklace to school.

Christian parents can send their children to private Christian schools if they want to. But Christians who are poor are not able to pay for private schools.

Sobia, a teenager in Pakistan, told the following story to friends from The Voice of the Martyrs.

Sobia’s Story

When I was 6 years old, my father put me in the public school. Many Muslim students went to school there. Some girls invited me to become a Muslim when I was in the sixth grade. They told me what Muslims believe, but I didn’t think any of it was true. ‘You must accept Islam,’ they said.

Then they told the teacher about me. He called me to the front of the class and beat my hands with a stick. It didn’t hurt, and I was smiling. The teacher said, ‘Don’t you feel any pain?’ I said, ‘No.” Then he beat me again. It hurt and I cried.

When the teacher was not around, one of the Muslim girls again came to talk to me. Once again she tried to convince me to become a Muslim. But I would not.

My eighth grade class had two Christian students and 41 Muslims. My teacher asked me, ‘Why don’t you read the Quran?’ I said, ‘I am a Christian.’

He asked, “You don’t believe in the Prophet Muhammad?”

I answered, “No. Please don’t talk to me about Islam anymore.’ After that he never talked to me again about his religion.

I love Jesus with all my heart.

Pray for Students in Pakistan
Some Christian students in Pakistan are tempted to pretend they are Muslims so the teachers and kids will like them. Pray they will stay strong in their faith. Sometimes Muslims notice the strength of bold Christians and decide to follow Jesus.

To Think About
Are you ever tempted to do or say something that you know is not what God would want you to say or do? Ask God to help you be bold in your faith, too. Remember the students in Pakistan who endure persecution for their courage.