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Secret Bible Distribution

Youth in Nepal

The Voice of the Martyrs magazine and Kids of Courage readers donate money to provide Bibles for Christians who live in countries where Bibles can be hard to find. Read a story here about a boy who raised money for Bibles.

Do you ever wonder what happens after VOM receives the money and takes the Bibles to Christians in other countries? The story below tells about workers from VOM-Australia handing out Bibles in Nepal.

We had arranged with pastors to meet Christians at a secret location. Our VOM team loaded 4-wheel drive vehicles with Bibles and drove for several hours. Then we left the road and drove across stony river beds with water halfway up the tires.

When we got to the secret location, we saw 600 people dressed in colorful clothing walking toward us. The pastors told us that the believers had walked six hours to get there. We had only 20 minutes to distribute the Bibles to 600 people. Then they had to leave for their own safety.

The people were quickly and quietly divided into groups, and we passed out the Bibles. When they received the Word of God, many of them kissed the cover. Some opened the pages and then kissed them. Some women covered their heads in respect for receiving the Word of God.

The Christians began to pray, thanking God for the precious books. The children looked in amazement at the colorful pictures in the Bible, pointing to them and discussing them with each other.

There was no food given on that day, only Bibles for 600 believers, but we felt that a tremendous feeding of the soul had begun for those who received His precious Word.

Source: VOM-Australia. Edited from the original for clarity and length.