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David’s Search for the Truth

Muslim youth in Indonesia
Muslim youth in Indonesia

The following story comes from The Voice of the Martyrs-Australia. Find out more about VOM’s sister missions around the world here.

David was one of five children in a Muslim family in Indonesia. His father was the village imam. (An imam is a Muslim leader.)

David’s parents separated, and David’s four siblings went to live with their mother. David was the only child who lived with his father. When David turned 10, his father sent him to the local Muslim school. David learned all about the Quran, which is the Muslim holy book.

But David was not satisfied. He felt like he was looking for something and couldn’t find it.

One of David’s former classmates had become a Christian. Village Muslims insulted the boy and called him an “infidel” — which means “unbeliever.” David’s curiosity overcame his fear, and he asked the boy about his faith. The boy took David to meet a Christian evangelist.

The evangelist told David about Jesus and explained how He saves people from sin. “Would you like to believe in Jesus?” he asked David.

“No!” David answered angrily. He felt that the invitation to believe in Jesus was a threat to his Muslim faith. On the way home, he mocked his Christian friend and said, “You are a true infidel!” But his friend remained silent and did not argue.

David still felt no peace. He knew he would keep searching for truth.

Read more about David’s search in part two and three.

(Story edited from the original for length and reading level.)



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