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A Sad Day in Pakistan: Update


Five years ago this month, radical Muslims attacked All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan. You can read more about the attack here.

Mehak, who is now 7 years old, was one of the youngest survivors. She has had constant medical care since the attack. The Voice of the Martyrs posted an urgent request for prayer on Facebook for Mehak, who recently had surgery.

Praise God, the surgery went well! Please continue to pray for Mehak, as she will need many more surgeries in the future.

10 Ways to Pray for Bold Workers

You can help The Voice of the Martyrs encourage bold “front-line workers” who spread the gospel in places where people are hostile to Christianity. In an army, the front line is where soldiers are closest to the battle. VOM’s front-line workers are in areas of spiritual conflict.

You can “adopt” a front-line worker by making a commitment to pray for them here. After you agree to pray, you will receive a card with the worker’s name and photo to help you remember to pray.

Below are 10 ways you can pray for a front-line worker, or for any worker in a hostile area.

1. Ask God to provide opportunities for the workers to share the gospel.
2. Pray that God will help the workers be bold and brave when they tell others about Jesus.
3. Pray that the workers will win the praise of the local people and that the people will accept them and treat them well.
4. Ask God to hide the workers’ activities from persecutors.
5. Pray that Bible truths will encourage and strengthen the workers every day.
6. Ask God to help the workers when they face obstacles on their way to share the gospel. (See the photo above.)
7. Pray that the workers will have peace in their hearts during difficult experiences.
8. Workers often have to be separated from their spouses and children. Pray for the workers’ families.
9. Pray that the workers will know we are praying for them and it will give them hope and comfort.
10. Pray that the worker will feel God’s presence.

Family Members Around the World

The previous post’s activity was from Release International, a member of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. Click here to find more about VOM offices around the world, and links to their websites. Can you identify the languages above from the logos on their websites?

A Prayer from Psalms

The following activity comes from Release International, a member of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. Crack the code to find a phrase from Psalm 25:20. Pray the verse on behalf of Christian children whose families are persecuted.


Children in Algeria

Madeha was a 13-year-old girl in Algeria. Her older brother, Naser, was a bully. He often kicked Madeha, slapped her face, and spoke rudely to her for no reason. Madeha had never known anyone so mean.

One day, Naser seemed to be playing a new trick on his sister. He came to Madeha and said, “I have accepted Jesus, whom the Christians believe. He has changed my heart and my ways. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you. Will you forgive me?”

Madeha did not trust Naser. For one thing, she and her family were Muslims. It is rare, and often dangerous, for an Algerian Muslim to become a Christian. Also, Madeha didn’t believe that anyone as mean as her brother could really change.

After many days, Naser had still not hurt or insulted Madeha. She realized that her brother had really changed. Madeha then began to seek the God who had given her brother a new heart. Naser shared the Good News of Jesus with Madeha, and she trusted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Trusting God
Madeha knew her Muslim father would never allow her to meet with other Algerian Christians. So she listened to Christian radio programs and sometimes wrote letters to the stations that broadcast the programs. She was able to get a Bible, and she read it whenever she had the opportunity. She continued to follow Jesus, trusting that He knew her circumstances and would help her through them.

Pray for Madeha and other Algerian Christians who love Jesus. Pray that their families will also seek and find the truth.

(Source: Kids of Courage archives. Learn more about Christians in northern Africa in Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia, available in the free Downloads section of this site.)