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Rules for Schools

Chinese girl with her Bible

Suppose you went to school one day, and your teacher gave the class the following instructions:

1. You must not ever enter a church.
2. You should not have any Christian beliefs or beliefs of any other religion.
3. You must not share any religious beliefs with others.

Teachers in one part of China received online notices telling them to warn students not to disobey the instructions.

What will happen if the students do not obey the orders? The school will be punished. The teachers will have to make sure the students obey so the teachers won’t get in trouble.

Christian parents in part of China also received warnings. Their bosses were told to reduce the pay of Christians to discourage them from attending church.

Prayers for Healing

Pakistani girl

Release International, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the United Kingdom, recently posted a prayer about a persecuted child in Pakistan. You can read the prayer below.

Dear Jesus, Please be very close to the young girl, aged 13, who was very badly attacked and hurt in Gujranwala, Pakistan. She was hurt as she looked after cattle. Please make her well by Your great healing power. Let her know how much You love her and give her peace and hope. Help her family who are so sad that she was hurt. Help them all to trust You. May the person who hurt her know Jesus’ love in his heart, too. Amen.

Psalm 30:2 is an encouragement to those who are praying for healing. The words below are from the verse, but they are out of order. Can you rearrange them and write the verse (NIV) in the correct order?

for healed You God help You me
Lord and O to I called my

Release International suggests the following prayer for all persecuted children.

Dear Father God, Lay Your all-powerful healing hands on all Your children who are suffering because they love You. Heal their bodies, comfort their sad hearts, remove painful memories, and fill them with Your love, hope, and joy. Amen.

Enter “Pakistan” in the Search box to find stories about Christians in Pakistan, or Download Bold Believers in Pakistan from the Downloads section.

Nigeria: Dalo Prays for Himself and Others


Eight-year-old Dalo had to go to a hospital in Nigeria, where workers from The Voice of the Martyrs visited him. Dalo’s nurse told the workers that Dalo arrived at the hospital praying, and that he continued to pray during his stay.

What did Dalo pray for?

Dalo prayed that God would heal him.
Dalo was injured a few weeks ago when a group of Fulani tribal fighters attacked Christian villages in Nigeria. More than 10,000 people were forced to leave their homes.

Dalo prayed for others who were injured in the attacks.

And Dalo is asking God to forgive his attackers.
VOM has heard about thousands of Fulani tribal people who have left Islam to follow Jesus. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Please join Dalo in his prayers. Pray that many more Muslims in Nigeria will trust Jesus as their Savior.

The Voice of the Martyrs is providing sleeping mats, food, and mosquito nets to families who were forced away from their homes because of the attacks.

Closer Bonds Through Service

Shiloh and Natasha

What are some of the ways you grow closer to your friends? Do you play together, visit fun places, or watch DVDs? Have you ever tried working together on a project to benefit someone else?

Illinois homeschool student Shiloh D. wrote to The Voice of the Martyrs about her Classical Conversations group’s yard sale to raise money for VOM’s Village Outreach Kits. The kits help Christian workers in countries where Christians are persecuted.

“Working, visiting, and helping each other through this experience has created a closer bond deepening our friendships,” Shiloh said. She told how all the members of the group helped. “AJ offered to let us use his yard, and Tori made arrangements for an accompanying bake sale. The rest of us looked through our things for items [to sell]. Isaac helped move heavy objects. Nellie, Natasha, Tori, [and I] ran the checkout table in addition to making baked goods and sugar scrubs to sell. Nathan and AJ helped advertise. Mellissa placed a Bible on the checkout table with a sticker stating ‘free.’” [A woman later took the Bible, saying that she had lost hers the previous night in a house fire.]

Shiloh added some encouraging thoughts for others who may want to do a similar project. “We are just normal teenagers; there is nothing super special about us….All of us are under 16 and most of us don’t even know for sure what we want to be when we grow up….So, you are never too young, or too shy, or just too normal for God’s use. We are all too weak to do anything on our own, but the God we serve can move mountains. God can also use you to do incredible things if you just allow Him to.”

Village Outreach Kits
In some countries where Christians are persecuted, pastors and teachers do not have the materials they need for teaching others about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Village Outreach Kits include:
Christian tracts
DVD players
Study materials
More resources

Shiloh’s class raised enough money for 12 complete kits for Christian workers. The workers will be able to share the good news with hundreds of people who do not know Jesus!
Parents and Teachers: Watch upcoming VOM magazines for future opportunities to sponsor Village Outreach Kits. You can subscribe to the free magazine here.

China: Bibles Before Food

A Chinese Bible

In one mountainous area of northern China, most of the land will not produce crops. The farmers and their families are very poor. Each family earns only about $255 a year, so they can’t afford things they need.

But the farmers’ faith in God is strong. They quoted a verse from Matthew 6:26 to VOM contacts who visited them: “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

The Christian farmers knew that VOM was willing to help them with their needs. They had one main request. “Our spiritual food is much more important than bread,” they said. “Please help us with the Word of God. If you come with bread but no Bibles, we will be disappointed.”

To Talk About
What did the Chinese farmers want more than food?
If the farmers are hungry, why do you think they wanted something more than food?

(Source: VOM Australia)