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10 Things to Do This Summer

Card made by the child of a VOM worker

1. Make some encouraging greeting cards to send to persecuted Christian prisoners. Find instructions for mailing the cards here.

2. Find a skit or play here to perform with your family or another group. After rehearsing, present the play at a summer activity, and tell the audience about the needs of persecuted Christians.

3. Talk to your grandparents or other older Christian adults. Ask them to tell you about any persecuted Christians, missionaries, or Christian leaders whose stories have encouraged them in their Christian walk.

4. Learn a game from another country and teach it to friends. Find suggestions here, here, and here. Tell your friends about the struggles of Christians in the country. (Enter the country name in the Search box on this site to find information.)

5. Read some stories on this site to find the names of three countries where Christians are persecuted. Find out the main language of one of the countries. Learn five words or phrases in that language.

6. Ask your pastor or Sunday school teacher if your church or class can set aside a time to pray for persecuted Christians. Provide prayer suggestions for them.

7. Memorize three Bible verses of encouragement to recall when you are in a difficult situation. Examples: Psalm 34:19; Isaiah 26:3; Romans 8:31; Matthew 11:28.

8. Missionaries and other Christians who visit different countries often have to eat unfamiliar foods. Try three vegetables, fruits, or other foods that you’ve never tried before.

9. Do chores or errands to collect money to provide Scriptures for people in other countries who don’t own a Bible. Learn more here.

10. Make small flags of countries where Christians are persecuted and tape them to toothpicks. Stick the other end of the toothpick to the appropriate country on a world map with a small piece of modeling clay. Pray for Christians in the country when you attach the flags to the map.

The Harriet Tubman Story

Elise Wixtrom has grown up learning about persecuted Christians and reading VOM resources. You can read more about Elise here. She wrote a story about Harriet Tubman, who is the subject of the newest Torchlighters DVD, The Harriet Tubman Story.

You can read Elise’s story below. Watch a trailer for the DVD here.

Harriet Tubman
Born in about 1820 in Maryland, Harriet Tubman was a young slave girl who began trusting in Jesus when she was very young. When some of her family members were sold south down the river to work on the inhumane cotton plantations, Harriet vowed that she would pray every day that the slaves would be freed.

Slaves in the field, picking tobacco, would sing spirituals about Moses and the story of Exodus. “Go down, Moses, way down in Egypt land. Tell old Pharaoh: Let my people go,” they’d sing, hoping for a Moses figure to lead them out of slavery and into freedom. Little did they know, the young woman whose family members had been sold would become their modern-day Moses. The Torchlighters’ new animated movie about Harriet Tubman’s remarkable life emphasizes how the slaves hoped they would have a liberator.

Harriet, at that time named Araminta Ross, had two brothers. One day, the master of Harriet and her brothers planned to sell all three of them away from the plantation. They were saddened that they would be sold away from their home. However, there was a Quaker woman in the area who could help get Harriet and her brothers to safety. But her brothers didn’t want to risk capture. They stayed behind and were eventually sold down the river. Harriet Tubman went off on her own to reach Pennsylvania to find freedom.

Later on in her life, Tubman began rescuing slaves from plantations, groups at a time. She worked with white abolitionists (people who believed slavery was evil), and free blacks on the Underground Railroad, and by the end of her life saved hundreds of slaves. She faced the unknown with bravery and faith in God, doing what she knew was right under the shadow of danger and certain death. She is a role model to anyone who is faced with a tough decision, and her choices may guide us to always do what is right and what will help others. Through her tremendous relationship with God, she was called to be the proverbial Moses to a whole new generation of “Israelites,” who were eventually freed under her influence.


Using Your Voice

Maria, from Pennsylvania, shows Torchlighter videos to her children’s Sunday school class. In a letter to parents, she explains the testimony the children saw that Sunday and directs them to VOM’s and websites for more information to share with their children.

Christians all over the United States are sharing stories of persecuted Christians with others in their families, neighborhoods, and churches. VOM Voice Volunteers invite other believers to “remember the prisoners” (Hebrews 13:3) and to join in “the fellowships of His sufferings” (Philippians 3:10).

You can help an older youth or adult in your family or church become a VOM Voice Volunteer by asking them to visit After signing up, they will receive materials such as copies of the VOM Special Issue magazine, a Share Their Voice DVD, and a lanyard identifying them as a VOICE.

When they receive their materials, offer to join them in speaking out for persecuted Christians and inspiring other Christians with true stories of Christian heroes. Together you can visit a Sunday school class, homeschool co-op, Christian school class, Bible study, Christian family, or another group to pass on what you have learned about our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

What Can You Do? More Countries to Pray for

The previous post included suggested prayers for Christian children around the world. Below are three more prayers provided by Release International, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the United Kingdom. Can you choose one to pray for today?

Dear Father God,
Please protect Christian children and their families in India who are attacked and hurt badly because they love You. Help them to find people who will look after them and be kind to them. By Your great power, heal Your children and families who are still hurting. Amen.

Dear Jesus,
Please be very close to Your children and their families in North Korea who are sent to prison for loving You. Many are killed or hurt badly. They have very little food to eat. Hold them tightly in Your arms of love. Shine the light of Your love in their hearts. Let them know how much You love them. Let them know You are with them every second of every day and every night. Fill the hearts of the prison officers with Your love and truth so they will believe in Jesus, too. Amen.

Dear Father God,
Please heal the children who have been hurt in attacks in Egypt. Some have been bombed in churches or attacked on their way home or on buses. Protect the girls who are being kidnapped and taken away from their families. Bless their hearts with Your love as they miss each other so much. Act in Your almighty power and bring them home. Show Your love to the people who kidnap the girls. Help them to follow Jesus, too, and to know that You are the only God. Amen.

(Source: Release International, Edited)

Read more about Christians in India, North Korea, and Egypt in Bold Believers books in the Downloads section.


What Can You Do? Pray!

Release International is The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the United Kingdom. (Read more about VOM’s sister missions around the world here.)  Release International encourages kids to pray for Christians in countries where followers of Christ are persecuted. Read three of their suggested prayers below, and choose one to pray today.

Dear Jesus,
Please bless the children of Alimujiang Yimitri in China. Their dad was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to 15 years in prison because he is a follower of Yours. His sons will be 16 and 12 this year, and they miss their dad very much. At times they have only been allowed to see him for 15 minutes every three months. Please give the boys your special strength, hope, and love. Help them trust You to look after their dad by Your almighty power, and bring him home soon. Amen.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you that Christians in other countries pay for some Christian children to go to school in Sri Lanka. Many more Christian children would love to go to school, but sadly their families can’t afford it. Please work in miraculous ways so that all Christian children can go to school. Amen.
“With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Dear God,
Be with all the children who have been sent to prison with their families in Eritrea. Please give them all they need — food, water, and a safe place to sleep. Let them know that You are with them. Let them trust You, and fill their hearts with Your love. Keep them safe, and set them free. Please bless the family of a mom called Fikadu who died in prison. Amen.

(Source: Release International, Edited)

The next post will include Release International prayers for Christians in India, North Korea, and Egypt.

Read more about Christians in China, Sri Lanka, and Eritrea in Bold Believers books in the Downloads section.