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10 Facts About North Korean Christians and Prisons

North Korean prison

1. As many as 100,000 secret Christians may live in North Korea.
2. About 30,000 North Korean Christians are kept in North Korea’s harshest prison labor camps because of their faith in Jesus.
3. If someone tries to leave North Korea, they can be sent to a prison labor camp as punishment.
4. North Korean citizens are sent to prison for communicating with someone from South Korea without the government’s permission.
5. Some North Koreans are in prison for listening to radio programs that were broadcast from other countries.
6. The North Korean government considers Christianity to be as dangerous as illegal drugs.
7. North Korean officials have compared Christian missionaries to vampires.
8. Inmates in North Korean prison labor camps are sometimes locked in cages like animals.
9. Many prisoners in North Korean labor camps lose half their body weight due to the harsh conditions.
10. North Korean prisoners don’t get enough food. Sometimes they survive by eating rats that roam around the prison.

Pray for North Korea

This Month

Parents and Teachers
The February 2018 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine includes stories about bold believers from North Korea and The Voice of the Martyrs’ ministry work there. North Korea is a land of spiritual darkness. For 70 years, it has been ruled by the oppressive Kim regime, a lineage of tyranny that has starved its people physically and spiritually while rattling sabers at the rest of the world.

As the issue notes, “North Koreans will not ultimately be changed by domestic politics, international negotiations, or bombs. They will be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

You can share stories from this site about North Korean believers with your children, then pray together for the people in the stories.

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