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Torchlighter Activities

The Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book and DVD set, available at, includes 144 pages of stories, devotionals, challenging coloring pages, extreme dot-to-dots, crafts, and activities related to the 16 heroes on the accompanying Torchlighters DVDs. Learn more here.

The torch maze below is taken from the activity book.

In the Bible, torches light the way to God’s truth. (See Isaiah 62:1.) In some instances, God is revealed through fire, as to Moses in the burning bush and to Israelites in a pillar of fire.

Pakistan: Pray for Aliza

Last month, the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Pakistan held a children’s Christmas celebration. About 400 people came to join the children in the celebration.

Radical Muslims in Pakistan don’t like Christians, and they sometimes attack churches. Four bombers came to the church during the celebration, intending to attack the church and to harm the Christians.

Church security officers stopped the bombers from getting inside the church. Only one bomber was able to set off his explosives at the church entrance.

But some Christians were injured. Aliza, a 1-year-old girl, lost her foot because of the bomber’s attack. “Pray for the complete healing of Aliza’s wounds… and pray for her parents as they care for her,” said a VOM worker.

Also please pray for other children who were injured in the attack, like the child in the photo above.

Not Boring

Ali is a Christian from Iran, where Christians can be put in jail for leading others to Christ. The laws in Iran say that any Muslim who decides to follow Jesus can be put to death.

Ali told a VOM worker, “When you follow Jesus, we will offer you everything except boring. That is what God does. He will give you everything except boring. So if your life is boring, if your walk with Christ is boring, I think you need to recheck that and relook at that and see what is going on. I think you really need to ask God to touch you again.

To Think About
*Christians in Iran are at risk of being persecuted, but Ali says they are not bored. Is that also true of believers in countries where most of the people are Christians?
*Acts 14:22 says, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” What does that verse mean to you?

Read a story and watch a video about kids in Iran here.

Follow the Leader Activity

Hide a Bible in an area where no obstacles block access to it. Choose one student to be a seeker, another to be a leader, and another to be a guide. Let the seeker wait in a supervised area outside the room where they can’t hear the instructions for the activity.

The seeker will be blindfolded. Tell the leader to direct the seeker toward the Bible by giving directions such as, “Take three steps forward,” or, “turn right and take two steps.” Instruct the guide to hold one of the seeker’s hands to keep him or her from bumping into things.

The leader will stand or sit among the other students, who will try to misdirect the seeker by interrupting the leader and giving incorrect directions. (Remind everyone to speak normally and not try to out-shout one another.) The false leaders may say things like, “No! It’s a trick! You really should go backwards now,” or, “She is mixing up right and left; you need to turn right now,” or, “I’m really your leader; listen to me!” The students may want to practice the activity briefly before the seeker returns.

The Activity
Blindfold the seeker before he or she comes back into the room, and let the guide begin leading him or her. Tell the seeker that a leader will direct him or her to a hidden Bible, but don’t reveal that other students will be giving incorrect instructions. Have the leader say, “Hi, I’m your leader” aloud so the seeker can briefly hear their voice. Let the leader and the group start directing (or misdirecting) the seeker. The activity ends when the seeker finds the Bible. (You may want to set a time limit.)

Questions to Talk About
*Ask the leader, “How did you feel about other voices giving bad directions?
*Ask the seeker, “Did the false leaders make it harder to follow the real leader?
*Read Psalm 25:4-5. As Christians, who is our leader?
*What are some things in life that may distract us from following God?
*What are some of the problems persecuted Christians face when trying to follow God in countries where most people are not Christians?

India: We Keep Doing the Ministry

Dr. Carl Moeller is the leader of Biblica, the International Bible Society. He recently spoke with VOM’s Todd Nettleton on Part of the interview is below. (Edited for length, clarity, and reading level.)


Children in India reading the Bible

Dr. Moeller: When I talk to pastors and church leaders and evangelists in the persecuted church, their idea of being blessed is quite different. They say, “We consider it a privilege to suffer for Christ, and in so doing we know that our reward will be eternal.”

There is a movement that is trying to get rid of Christianity in India, and there are millions and millions of Christians in India. This could be a very, very bad situation in the next decade or so.

I met two evangelists in their early 20s who told me about their ministry in India. They went out by twos, like in the New Testament. [See Mark 6:7-12.] They would go from village to village. They would pray, and as the Spirit led them to different villages, they distributed Bibles, prayed for people, and healed some of the people. Then they would move on.

Well, a Hindu group heard about these guys. The Hindus beat them senseless; they were beaten and left for dead. They were actually thrown off a bridge leading into a village. They landed in the mud flats below and were unconscious.

Both of them woke up the next morning, and you can imagine this beating. They were beaten with a pipe. I saw the scar on the head of one of them. I said, “What did you do?”

They answered, “We washed off in the river and then we went back into the village to keep doing the ministry.”

To Think About
Read Acts 14:19-22. How is Paul’s story in Acts like the story of the evangelists in India?
Why do the persecuted Christians consider it a privilege to suffer for Christ?