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Hearing God’s Voice

The Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton recently interviewed Patrick Klein on Patrick is the president of Vision Beyond Borders, and he is a Bible smuggler. (Read here about Bible smuggling.)

Part of their interview is below.

Todd: You have shared stories of landing in a foreign airport with suitcases of Bibles and stepping off the plane into the customs building and saying, “Okay Lord, which line should I get in?” How did you develop that skill of learning to hear the voice of God, and how would you advise people to develop in their own life the ability to hear God’s voice?

Patrick: When I got saved I decided I would get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and spend at least an hour with the Lord every day in the Word and prayer. As I have developed that relationship I have learned that sometimes the Holy Spirit will prompt me to do things. And because I know the Lord, I know His voice. I have spent time with Him; I spend time in His Word. I know it is the Holy Spirit speaking to me. So as I am flying into a country I don’t want to be distracted by all the things, the movies and TV, and all that stuff. I want to be praying and saying, “Lord, please help me get through customs.”

One thing I do now is I pray, “Lord, wake up people at home to be praying me through the border as well,” so we can work together. So I am praying and saying, “Okay Lord, show me the strategy how to get through.” A lot of times He will prompt me to go to a certain line. It is training my ear to hear, and then the Holy Spirit will prompt me to do a certain thing. [I have felt] the Lord saying, “This is the way I am making for you.” It is really cool when you get through and you can say, “Okay Lord, that really was You speaking to me.” It is just fun.

(Read another story about Patrick here)

Todd: The verse that comes to mind is, “My sheep will know My voice,” You have invested the time to learn to hear that voice. So, that is one of the things I want to challenge our listeners to do. Just practice hearing God’s voice. I believe wholeheartedly that when we ask God to speak to us, He will do that. We as Christians in the United States need to learn to hear the voice of God the same way our brothers and sisters who are living day-to-day in danger and persecution hear it.

(Source: Edited for length and clarity.)

Plantain Chips: Another Colombian Snack

A plantain is a banana-like fruit. Peel some green plantains, and cut them into slices. Ask an adult to help you fry them in hot vegetable oil in a frying pan until crisp. Place them on paper towels on a plate to absorb the oil. Add salt to taste.

Enter “Colombia” in the Search box to find stories about bold Christians in Colombia.

Find a Colombia Lesson Plan here.

Laos: Kay, a New Christian

A Khmu girl

Kay, a 19-year-old Khmu girl from a village in Laos, moved to the capital city of Vientiane to get a job. In Vientiane, Kay attended a Khmu house church.

[Enter “Khmu” in the Search box to find out more about Khmu Christians.]

This year, Kay had a very happy first day of the year, because she had trusted in Christ as her Savior on December 31st! But when Kay called her parents in their village and told them the good news, they were not happy. “Quit your job and come home!” they told her. “If you do not stop being a Christian immediately, you are not our daughter anymore.” She told them she had found new life in Jesus, and that she could not deny Him.

Kay’s parents first sent her brother to Vientiane to find out why she was being stubborn. He left disappointed when she would not stop believing in Jesus. Next they sent her 17-year-old sister. Her sister was amazed at the changes in Kay. Now Kay had a good attitude, good character, and she was more mature. She loved her parents, but she loves Jesus, too. Kay invited her sister to the Khmu house church, and her sister also became a Christian!

Please ask God to help the sisters remain strong in their faith. Pray that their parents and brother will come to know Jesus, too.

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

Kazakhstan: Yuri and Yklas


Yuri Pak, a teacher and church leader in Kazakhstan, was arrested because someone made a prank call from his cell phone. Yuri’s students attended his trial in his support, his pastor wrote a letter to the court to support him, and experts testified that the voice on the phone call was not Yuri’s. But he went to prison anyway. Apparently officials did not like Yuri’s participation in Christian activities at his church.

Praise God, Yuri was released from prison in June! His wife, Olga, and his children Anna and Daniel are so happy that he was freed. They are thankful for the prayers of Christians during his time in prison.


Yklas, another Christian in Kazakhstan, is still in prison. The father of eight children, Yklas boldly shared the gospel with family and friends after he left Islam to follow Christ. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) A court in his city accused him of spreading “religious discord.”

Please pray for Yklas and his family. Click here to learn how to write him an encouraging message.

India: Pastor Mocked and Bullied

Village pastor in India

A Christian pastor was recently mocked and bullied in his home state of Uttar Pradesh in India. A gang of Hindu youth took the pastor from his home, and shaved off his hair, eyebrows, and mustache. Then the mob put the pastor on a donkey and paraded him up and down the city’s streets. They hung a necklace of shoes around the pastor’s neck as a symbol of shame.

The radical youth were angry because the pastor helped other Hindus trust in Jesus as their Savior. You can read more about what Hindus believe here.

Pray for Christian pastors in India who obey Jesus’ command to share their faith (Matthew 28:19), even though people may mock and bully them.

To learn more about Christians in India, download Bold Believers in India from the Download section.