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India: VBS Leaders Arrested for Kidnapping

Children in India reading the Bible

Sixty children in India were singing Christian songs and reading the Bible as they traveled by train to their VBS camp this summer. When they reached their destination, the police arrived and arrested nine adult VBS leaders for kidnapping the children!

Some Hindus in India do not want Christianity to spread in their country. The VBS group had attracted the attention of radical Hindus during their trip. The Hindus called the police and falsely reported that the VBS leaders were kidnapping the children and converting people to Christianity by force.

Three of the leaders were released on bail after 40 days. But the other six remained in jail.

Please pray that the children’s faith will grow and that they will have other opportunities to learn more about Jesus. Ask God to strengthen the VBS leaders. And pray that Hindus will remember the songs and Bible verses they heard from the children and will seek the truth.

Learn more about Hinduism here.

“I Like to Go to Prison”

Daniel is an evangelist in a Muslim country. An evangelist is someone who spreads the gospel of Jesus. (The photo shows an evangelist in a country where Christians are persecuted. His face is covered to protect his identity.) But sharing the gospel is risky in Daniel’s country. So he has been in prison several times for his “crime” of leading Muslims to Christ.

Daniel had some surprising things to say about his time in prison.

• Daniel said, “When people tell me, ‘I’m lonely,’ I say, ‘Get yourself thrown in prison for Jesus! People all over the world will pray for you, and God answers prayer!’”

• Daniel said, “Prison is evangelism heaven! I met an atheist in prison, and I told him, ‘God sent me here to talk to you.’ He listened!

“I also met a man who had sinned many times. I told him a story about how Jesus forgives sinners. He said, ‘I like this Jesus!’

“Now do you see why I like going to prison?”

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

To Think About
*Why does Daniel like going to prison?
*Why did Daniel call prison “evangelism heaven?”
*Why do you think some people might be more likely to listen to someone talk about Jesus when they are in prison than when they are out of prison?

“Hard to Get Rid of the Church”

Burned church in India

The population of Uttar Pradesh is about 204 million. If Uttar Pradesh were a country, it would be one of the top 10 most populated countries in the world.

But Uttar Pradesh is not a country; it’s one of India’s states.

What Would You Do?
About 80 percent of the people in Uttar Pradesh are Hindus. The number of Christians is increasing, and some of the churches in Uttar Pradesh have as many members as some churches in the United States. But the persecution of Christians is also increasing.

Radical Hindus have attacked pastors and burned down churches. Some churches began meeting in tents, but enemies tore down the tents.

What would you do if you belonged to a church in Uttar Pradesh that was attacked? Would you keep building churches or setting up tents that might be torn down? Would you stop going to church? What do you think some Indian Christians are doing?

Some of the churches started meeting outside! “When you can just meet under the trees, it’s hard to get rid of the church!” an Indian pastor said. “Now we are not bound by a building.”

To Talk About
*What would be some good things about meeting outside?
*What would the hardest part of meeting outside?
*Are there any items inside a church that are absolutely necessary for holding a church service?

Sunday School Around the World: China

In some areas of in China, officials try to prevent children from learning about Jesus. Government workers are monitoring churches in the Zhejiang province of China to restrict the number of children who attend church activities. The authorities in more than 100 churches in the province have also received warnings against teenagers attending church services, Sunday school, or other church activities.

That Chinese Christian children and youth will have ways to grow in their faith.
That the parents of Christian children will remain strong in their faith.
That more Chinese officials will come to know Jesus.

The woman in the photo is reading a children’s Bible to Chinese Sunday school children.

Vietnam: Woman Fights Police for her Bible

In the previous post, Bible smuggler Patrick Klein shared about how God leads him when he is taking Bibles into countries where they may not be welcome. In the interview below, Patrick tells VOMRadio’s Todd Nettleton a true story that illustrates how precious the word of God is to people in the countries where he delivers Bibles.

Todd’s introduction: How precious is your Bible to you? A woman in Vietnam was willing to risk her life to own a Bible. Patrick Klein tells the story about an illegal church meeting in Vietnam. The communist authorities raided the meeting and began to confiscate all the Bibles.

Patrick: They came to the pastor’s wife and they tried to take her Bible out of her hand. She loved the Word of God and she was not giving it up. They were trying to pull it out of her hands. Here was this little tribal woman fighting with the police. Now in a communist country you don’t fight with the police.

Todd: That’s a straight way to jail.

Patrick: Or worse. But she treasured the Word of God and she was not going to give it up. So she kept fighting with them over it. She said her arms were sore for a few days after that, but it is just amazing she was fighting for the Word of God. I thought, “What would we do in America if we were told to turn in our Bibles?”

Todd: So what happened? I can picture in my mind her playing tug of war with the Bible with the policeman. What is the end of the story?

Patrick: She kept fighting with them and eventually they let her keep her Bible.

Todd: Wow!

Patrick: You know, even the men who were there said, “She is a hero of the faith.” Her own personal safety, her freedom, could have been lost, and yet she loved the Word of God that much. I thought, “Lord that challenges me.”

(Source: Edited for length and clarity.)