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Persevering Christians

Do you know what a backhoe is? (See the photo above.)

Backhoes can:
*Dig a trench
*Plow snow
*Remove brush and trash

Can you think of any other jobs a backhoe can do?

Non-Christian officials in a village in Vietnam had another idea. They used a backhoe to push village Christians’ houses into a river. The Christians became homeless. They moved to another area and set up tents to live in.

The Christians were farmers, but the land where they moved was not suitable for farming. But with hard work and God’s help, the Christians were able to grow crops on the land.

Even though they are in difficult circumstances and must work hard to take care of their families, the Christians still take time to talk to people in the area and tell them about Jesus! A VOM worker said, “Thank God for their perseverance, and pray that He will continue to meet their needs.”

To Talk About
*What is perseverance? How did the Christians in Vietnam show perseverance?
*Have you ever thanked God for the good example provided by faithful persecuted Christians?


That’s how many Bibles VOM partners have been able to send into North Korea this year via balloons. Praise the Lord, they exceeded the goal of 37,500. Please PRAY for North Koreans who will find these Bibles, that they would find salvation in Jesus Christ, and that they would be able to read without interference from North Korea’s government or police.
(Source: VOM Facebook)

Creative Obedience

Balloon launch

North Korea is one of the most isolated nations on earth. Do you think Jesus knew about North Korea when He told His followers to, “Go in all the world and preach the gospel”? Of course He did!

But the North Korean government does not allow Christians to share the good news of Jesus with their citizens. So Christians have to think of creative ways to obey Jesus’ command. Sometimes they launch helium-filled weather balloons carrying gospel tracts and New Testaments into the country. By including a GPS transponder in the balloons, Christian workers can even track their paths and see where the balloons land.

VOM contacts study weather patterns carefully in order to choose the best time to launch gospel balloons into North Korea. The winds must be just right to ensure that the balloons reach populated areas.

VOM also uses radio broadcasts to reach into North Korea over the airwaves. The North Korean government often tries to jam the radio signal, but by repeatedly changing frequencies, VOM has been able to continue sharing Christian teachings.

Good news on the radio

North Koreans who have escaped their country read the Scriptures over the air in a slow, deliberate manner so listeners can write down passages of God’s Word themselves. These handwritten verses are likely the only Bibles that many North Koreans will ever have.

Learn more about Scripture balloons and watch video clips of launches here, here, here, and here.

Praise the Lord

Boy in Pakistan

Practice saying “praise the Lord” in one or more of the languages shown below. Sing the song “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah” or another song that includes the words “praise (ye) the Lord” in it. Substitute one or more of the phrases for the English words.

Iran. Farsi: KHOH-dah-rah SHOH-kr

Pakistan. Punjabi: RAHB-dee tah-REEF HO-vay

China. Chinese: tzahn-may joo

Colombia. Spanish: GLOH-ree-uh ah dee-ohs

Russia, Kazakhstan. Russian: SLAH-vuh BOH-goo

Many Muslim Countries. Arabic: MAHG-duh lah rahp

Eritrea. Tigrinya: gway-tah yeh mess ghen

Malaysia, Brunei. Malay: Poo-jee TOO-hahn

Nepal. Nepali: jay muh-SEE

Bangladesh. Bangla: ee-shohr-air goor-ohb hohk

Update: Prisoner Released!

Have you been praying for Yklas, the Christian father of eight children who was imprisoned for sharing the gospel in Kazakhstan? A recent post told about his situation.

Praise God, Yklas was recently released after 780 days in prison!

Pray that he will quickly adjust to life with his family and that he will boldly use his testimony to continue sharing the gospel.

Visit to find more prisoners to pray for.