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Table Time with VOM

Read the letter below to learn how three Florida boys study and pray for the needs of persecuted Christians in The Voice of the Martyrs magazines. The boys are Adam and Andrew, age 12, and their 10-year-old brother, Luke. The letter was written by their mother, Kathy.

We meet once a week at the table. Each boy has his copy of the month’s magazine. We look at the photos and try to guess where that person or [people group] is from…. We have two maps and the globe to look up locations, so that the boys will have a general knowledge of geography, especially as it relates to people groups.

We then take turns reading out loud, each of the articles. We usually cover one article or title a week, dividing up the magazine for the month. Sometimes, we go to the VOM site to watch and listen to individuals speak about their situations. Lastly, we go around the table and pray for an individual or family that we just read about. That’s how we use your publication. It has been a wonderful way to expose our children to other Christians’ plights and hardships and how they live as a persecuted Christian in their country. — Kathy O.

Shredded Journal

A war in Syria is making life dangerous for both Christians and Muslims. The Voice of the Martyrs helps Christian who have fled the country and those who have stayed.

Some Christian workers who visited Syria kept a journal to help them remember their experiences. Then they realized that people who hate Christians might find the journal. The Christians they came to help could get in trouble for their Christian activities.

The photo shows what the workers had to do to their journal before they left Syria.

To learn more about Christians in Syria, download Bold Believers in Syria from the Downloads section.